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Thanksgiving 2020: It’s Going to be… Epic

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Thanksgiving 2020

What’s a girl to do in quarantine? Volunteer to host Thanksgiving for the family!

This will be our first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner (and it will be at the new house!) and I could not be more excited. This is a chance for me to really dig deep and come up with a beautiful meal for the special people in my life.

Starting with the menu. I wanted the menu to contain some old favorites, but also some surprises. Instead of turkey, which I’m not really all that fond of, probably due to how much of it you have to eat for leftovers, I went for duck and lamb.

I also included John Cope’s Corn, a Pennsylvania Dutch sweet corn I grew up with, and would love to share with everyone. I have to work some magic to get it to Virginia, as people telling it on Amazon want to charge about $45 for a three pack of corn, which is worth about $8 as it’s out of season and might not be found in many states.

But even gabbing. Here’s my first draft of the menu:

Everything else is coming together. I’m using Evernote to stay on top of it. Which has been absolutely amazing. It’s so nice to have such a big, multi-dimensional project to work on while I am stuck inside.

Stay tuned! More blogs to come!

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