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Finding My Dream Wedding Gown: Permission to be a Fluffy Cupcake

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If there is one truth in the world that has punched me in the face come wedding planning, is it that you cannot both be unconventional and court universal approval.

Granted, universal approval is as rare as discovering undisturbed tombs of Egyptian royals. But you get the drift.

When it came to wedding planning, for all my experience (this was my third engagement), I felt completely insecure. I kept talking my plans to other people, hoping to get their blessing. Something I never needed in the first place.

But everything I was doing, particularly my dream wedding gown, was met with near universal horror. I’ m only counting “near” because I think some people are better at hiding their disgust than others.

My dream wedding gown is a multicolored tulle fantasy dress with layer after layer of untraditional pastels. Ever since I saw the first Stella de Libro dresses (and realized they were out of my price range), I have been in love with Japanese wedding gowns.

When I tried on traditional wedding gowns, the stylist assured me that they had lots of dresses with color available in my size. Of course, the colors she was talking about were pale pink and pale brown.

As I saw myself in dress after dress of white, ivory, eggshell, blush, and espresso, I saw nothing I liked. Even the gown I liked best out of the bunch was a $2,000 beaded gown I couldn’t afford even if I had liked it enough to purchase it.

The only thing trying on dresses assured me of was that a traditional gown wasn’t what I, or my wallet, wanted. The disappointment I felt was palpable. I had my chance to be a bride wearing white and have nary a person question my fashion decisions, but here I am and I’m back to my original plan: the fluffy rainbow cupcake.

It made me angry, honestly. I already knew my rainbow dress was not a hit with those I had shown it to. But I also knew it was exactly what I wanted and what I could afford. It took a while, but I realized a lot of people were going to have to die mad about it.

It doesn’t strike me as average bridal experience to have to spend time prior to the wedding insulating yourself against the comments and remarks you’re bound to receive on your wedding day.

But in the end, this is what life is. Unconventional behavior is often met with hostility. Even at happy events, even when the choices don’t harm other people, even when it’s none of anyone else’s business.

The good news is that I happy with my decision. I will be able to look back on my pictures and be pleased with my gown and my groom and the big day. And really? That’s all that’s going to matter.

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