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What is a Good Price for a Wedding Cake: Is There a Good Price for a Wedding Cake?

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How to Have a Wedding on a Small Budget: The Cake

Who doesn’t love wedding cake? If there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t right now it’s probably someone planning a budget wedding. As beautiful as cake is and as delicious as it tastes, it can come with a hefty price tag.

But thankfully, there are alternatives to cake a lot of people don’t consider. Here are just a few!

How to Have a Wedding on a Small Budget: The Cake

You Could Get Cupcakes

This is probably one alternative you have thought of. Unfortunately, gourmet cupcakes sometimes aren’t that much cheaper than a traditional cake. Which would be fine if you simply preferred cupcakes. But generally not at a great way to save money.

Focus on a Small Cake

You generally want to get one slice of cake for each person invited. Possible with a few extras for vendors or staff. So if you have 50 invited guests plus bridal party and yourselves, you’ll want a cake that feeds at least 50.

Due to sheer numbers, this cake will be cheaper than something made to feed 100 or 200 guests. Sometimes having a smaller guest list can save you money with the cake as well as the catering.

You Could Get a Grocery Store Cake

While many people associate wedding cakes with towering monstrosities of white fondant, a simple sheet cake can do the trick at a fraction of the price. Is it as “fun”? Probably not. But is it cost effective? You bet.

We considered a Costco sheet cake when things started taking a turn for the expensive. Their half sheet can feed 48 people and their cakes are surprisingly delicious. Clearly, this isn’t an option for everyone. But it’s something to think about.

One additional consideration that you have to make for a cake like this one is that bakeries traditionally delivery wedding cakes and grocery stores do not. You will need someone to pick up the cake and deliver it to the reception venue.

How to Have a Wedding on a Small Budget: The Cake

You Could Do Something Other Than Cake

What do you do if neither you nor your engaged are that excited about cake? There are lots of alternatives that can be taken from all over the world. Get down to your roots and invest in mooncakes or croquembouche.

Some intrepid couples even came up with a cheese wheel wedding cake instead of the traditional dessert. Just make sure that what you’re substituting the wedding cake for is as expensive or cheaper than a regular wedding cake. There’s no point going off the deep end for an alternative cake if it ends up more expensive than the cost you were trying to avoid.

Don’t Let the Cake Bring You Down

I’ve seen some brides truly get stuck on the wedding cake. Don’t let a dessert get the best of you and your planning. Decide if you want cake at all and then go from there. It might seem like a hassle, and it can be, but a wedding dessert is the sweet finish to your big day.

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