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Budget Wedding Advice: Should I Leave out the Word “Wedding” When I Talk to Vendors?

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Budget Wedding Advice: Should I Leave out the Word "Wedding" When I Talk to Vendors?

Dear Star,

My best friend and Maid of Honor had the best idea recently! She told me that vendors just tack on ridiculous fees to anything wedding related. If I talk to someone, I should talk to them without mentioning that the event we’re having is a wedding. This will help us keep costs down and prevent us from getting up charged on so many different items and services.

What do you think?

-Melissa S.

Dear Melissa,

It might seem like vendors are cruel, cruel people who just wanted to charge innocent brides and grooms unfair amounts of money for their services and wares. When you’re planning a budget wedding, it really might.

But honestly, most services take more time and care and scale when there’s a wedding involved. A wedding cake is not an average cake. It takes extra attention, more detail, and usually a larger size than a party cake, which only might need to feed 20 people at the most.

Imagine not telling a photographer they’re shooting a wedding until they arrive and see an arch. If the photographer doesn’t specialize in weddings, they might have no idea where to start capturing the day and absolutely no time to prepare. A trained professional might be able to pull it off, but you might find yourself directing the photographer all day because they simply don’t know what you value as far as wedding photos.

Furthermore, if you don’t tell your vendors exactly what it is you’re doing, it’s not so much a harmless jest that you managed to get over on them. It’s more like lying.

Imagine yourself as a DJ. You come in ready to host a family reunion, with hits from the 70s at the ready. Then person who hired you announces you’re actually a wedding DJ today. Now you don’t have the plan or the logistics to move the event through the highlights of the evening. Would you feel very warm and fuzzy about the happy couple in this situation?

Do you think you would get the best service out of someone by misleading them about what you’re doing? Even in the face of saving money and preserving the budget of your wedding, I would never recommend purposefully deceiving people.

If you want your event to be a beautiful celebration of your love, let all of your vendors know what they’re walking into. Give these professionals the chance to do their jobs.


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