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How to Save Money On Your Wedding: No, Seriously

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How to Save Money On Your Wedding: No, Seriously

I have a wedding video on in the background hosted by two women who both have the same name. They are listing off their best advice for brides as they near their wedding day. As they insist everyone has a videographer, professional hair and makeup, and make sure not to skimp on the photographer! it makes me wonder just how many other budget brides are out there, flipping to yet another wedding video because this content in no way speaks to them.

In the state of Virginia the average budget is, according to a USA Today article, $30,197. This ranks Virginia 13th out of 50 as most expensive when it comes to all 50 states.

How to Save Money On Your Wedding: No, Seriously

Now here’s my running budget so far:

How to Save Money On Your Wedding: No, Seriously

When it comes to wedding content available on the wider internet it seems that everyone is pushing brides to spend more money under the looming dark cloud of “you’ll regret it” if they don’t abide by the rules.  This vague threat of regretting your wedding day seems to be enough to make brides reconsider some of their budget saving options immediately and turn to professionals for literally anything.

And trust me, I was one of them. When the end result is one day, no do overs, and this is the day you’ve been told since childhood will be the happiest day of your life, it’s quite intoxicating to finally have it in your hands. But then the panic sets in.

The good news is that it’s possible to have a wedding without putting yourselves into debt. No one needs a twenty thousand dollar Pnina Tornai dress as much as we like to tell ourselves we can’t live without it. The better news is that a scaled down wedding doesn’t have to be the drab event you’re forced into because the money isn’t there to have a horse drawn carriage carry you 50 yards from your ceremony space to your venue.

The best news? Your wedding can be just as magical as you’ve dreamed because you’re marrying the person you love, surrounded by friends and family.

If you’re on the same road I am and planning a wedding without taking out new lines of credit, strap yourself in. We’re going to talk bridal everything.

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