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Graduation Party Realizations: Putting Precision on Display

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Graduation Party Realizations: Putting Preciseness on Display

As I worked out the flow for my graduation party I kept coming back to a lesson I recently learned from Alicia R. Riley’s book, The Power of Events: Precision is important to flow of the event and planning everything out ahead of time is the key to maintaining this preciseness. When it came to the flow around the kitchen table, where everyone would be putting their plates together, I knew it would be vital to create a smooth journey from start to finish.

I arranged the table into areas with a logical progression to it. When you start out, on the left side, you pick up a hamburger bun or hot dog bun and put it on a graduation plate. You then select the appropriate meat and move onto the condiments. I was going to put descriptions next to each condiment. But come on. Everyone can identify ketchup and mayo. The plate in the middle is for lettuce, tomato, and sliced cheese.

After loading up the burger with whatever one wants, they will then go to the right side of the table and select a favor. The favors are chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil and Ring Pops (class rings). These are wrapped in cellophane baggies and tried off with metallic breadties. The favors are then deposited into a red solo cup for everyone to use for the butterfly pea flower punch, which is at the end of the table. The cake plate is in the middle so everyone can see and admire the cake, but that will be cut a little later in the event.

Graduation Party Realizations: Putting Preciseness on Display
Before the food. Everything is in order and ready to make an impression!

When I first started arranging the buffet I was working with my usual chaos. I put the plates next to the punch at one point before I told myself the flow of the buffet has to make sense and no one is going to load up a budget with condiments and then put it on a plate afterward.  I have to remind myself that many of the people coming to the party are going to be seeing my home for the first time. I have to create an organized arrangement so they can move through the buffet efficiently and quickly.

With just a few small things to fix and finish up before the big event, I believe I almost ready for this party. Here’s hoping it’s a successful one!

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