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Building a New House: Here We Go Again…

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Building a New House: Here We Go Again...

The plan was always that my parents were going to move in with me. All while I was searching for my first house I was keeping in mind that two other people were going to be joining me there. When I looked at the house I eventually bought my real estate agent told me I could build an in-law suite in the area where the garage is. Come to find out, after I bought the house, this is neither a practical idea nor an advisable one. 

For one thing, the renovations would be thousands upon thousands of dollars to build a full bedroom and bathroom in the area where the garage is. Dan then pointed out that if we added more value to the house, we wouldn’t be able to sell it at the price it was worth because all of the other houses in the neighborhood are much lower. 

So adding more money to the money pit the house turned into, not being able to recoup that money upon selling the house, and being just plain, sick, tired and disgust with the house, there was only one thing left to do. 

Start thinking about selling it.

I’ve been in the house seven months now and it’s been seven months of finding yet another thing wrong with the house or systems and pouring more and more money into the problem. At this point, with savings depleted and a resident exasperated expression on my face, I realized it was time to give up. This house had bested me. I was done.

Building a New House: Here We Go Again...

But now that I decided we were going to have to find a new place, the Things To Do list just compounded. We went from having my parents move in with me after renovations were done to selling my house, selling my parents house, and finding a new house for all of us.

But the good news was we had a really good agent on our side now. Dan suggested we use the agent who helped him buy his house. I talked to her over the phone and she was brilliant. Knowledgeable, interested, wonderful listener. I knew we had added a good member to our team.

We’re still in the early stages now, but after a visit to a new construction site, it seems clear that building is going to be the best option for us to get what we want and do it at a decent price. Everyone, strap yourselves in. This is going to be a wild ride.

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