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Crack [Insert Name of Food Here]: Is it all Really Crack Though?

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Crack [Insert Name of Food Here]: Is it all Really Crack Though?

I see a lot of recipes on the good ole Pinterest and entirely too many of them are named “Crack Chicken Dip,” “Crack Beef Tenderloins,” “Crack Casserole,” etc. It’s confusing, because, first of all, it’s used so frequently  and some of the dishes are vastly different, but they all bear the same name. Not to mention that it tells me nothing about the dish. Other than it’s frightfully addictive. Which brings me to…

Do these dishes really deserve to be named after hard drugs that have literally killed and torn families apart? Probably not. Nothing says, “I don’t grasp the importance of substance abuse problems” like naming your deviled eggs after a street drug. Besides, has everyone who names a dish after crack ever even tried it? Sure, it’s named for its addictive qualities, but that hardly makes it better.

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Not to mention that seeing a food claiming to be additive doesn’t make me want to eat it. I have binge eating disorder (BED) and, if anything, I could use a little less compulsion in my food. Beyond finding it a turn off, it really makes light of binge eating. I can’t stop eating on a regular basis, and now I’m supposed to be tempted by a food named for addiction? Yeah, no.

I might be overthinking this, but it’s highly annoying to see every day. Naturally, I might be spending too much time on Pinterest. But this is one trend that could easily be done away with and I doubt anyone would miss it.

Until then, I will think of it like the word “craic” (pronounced “crack”) in Ireland, that means what’s happening? or what’s the news?

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