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Pinterest Obsession: Why This Site is So Good (and Sometimes Frustrating)

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Pinterest Obsession: Why This Site is So Good (and Sometimes Frustrating)

I love a good dose of chaos. Just take a look at my laundry system. Sometimes the chaos of Pinterest is one of its most charming features. It will serve up pins you never would have sought out on your own. It will keep providing you with options even when you’ve exhausted them all.

But sometimes the chaos of broken links, mislabeled pins, and just getting content that’s plain not relevant to you after marking similar pins not relevant multiple times, is just irritating. However, the bad in Pinterest doesn’t outweigh the good.

What’s so Great About Pinterest Anyway?

Pinterest is generally described as a digital bulletin board. But far from being a blank canvas on which you pin ideas, Pinterest helps me generate ideas. Once I search for something, it starts to get an idea of what I’m looking for and will serve up related pins. Not all of them are what I’m interested in, but no algorithm is perfect.

For example, when searching for Irish food for my mom’s Saint Patrick’s Day birthday (and yes, my mom was born on Saint Patrick’s Day), Pinterest started showing me Irish proverbs, blessings, and sayings. I then got the idea to give everyone in attendance one of these well wishes to recite to my mom on her birthday.

Couldn’t I Just Look Through Magazines?

I mean, you could. But I imagine it would take longer and be less fruitful. Especially if you like off the wall stuff like I do. How many magazines could I pick up at the newstand today and find ancient Egyptian bread recipes for an Egyptian spread for Easter dinner?

While, yes, there’s a great tactile experience to flipping through magazines and looking at the pictures, the digital version is far more efficient. Not to mention, you can always print materials you enjoy and put them on a physical board after collecting them digitally.

Wait, Do You Work for Pinterest?

Nope! I’m just a fangirl doing some fangirling.

How Do You Keep Your Boards Neat?

Chaos comes quickly on Pinterest. It’s entirely too easy to pin a few things in the wrong place and before you know it, you can’t find anything and you’re frantically searching for the same pin because you can’t remember the exact wording.

Like Batman, you have to be ever vigilant. If you miss-pin something, correct it immediately. If you need a new board, make one. If you need to delete a board or pin, delete it. Although it takes some extra time, it’s well worth it in order to keep everything clean and organized.

How Does Pinterest Help with Event Planning?

It can help in a variety of different ways. All of which are amazing. There is one way to use Pinterest. Some people like to pin pictures for inspiration. Others pin specific items they want to purchase. You can pin everything that goes along with a party from the birthday cake to the decorations.

You can even find free printables, party games, crafts, activities, and more for your event that you might not have ever considered. Needless to say, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Pinterest.

Ready to start pinning? Follow me on Pinterest for all of my various shenanigans.

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