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Loose-Leaf Tea: Discovering Black and Blue Monk!

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Loose-Leaf Tea: Discovering Black and Blue Monk!

I’ve been a Discover Teas customer for years now. Their teas second to none in quality and variety. And we all know how much I love variety. Dan is new to tea, so I decided to give him the choice of what to brew after dinner. He choose Black and Blue Monk. My favorite tea.

Loose-Leaf Tea: Discovering Black and Blue Monk!
My favorite tea from Discover Teas! I love the sweet berries and appealing aftertaste.

Black and Blue Monk is made with three different berries and a hint of vanilla. It’s great for someone who loves sweet teas and berry flavors. It steeps at 200 degrees for around 5 minutes. I’ve also tried this blend with different teas mixed in. My favorite was when I tried it with mint. The combination was delightful!

Loose-Leaf Tea: Discovering Black and Blue Monk!
Steeping the tea to perfection

Sipping on this warm brew, it got me thinking; I should throw a tea party sometime! There’s so much history and culture around tea. I learn new things about it all the time. The great thing is that there’s always more to learn and explore within this realm.

Discover Teas is a Hampton Roads business that offers online ordering and pop-up locations. They use all-natural teas which are responsibly sourced.

Black and Blue Monk
Overall experience 100%
Taste 100%
Aftertaste 100%
A great blend of berries that is sweet from the first sip to the last. No nasty artificial aftertaste.
67 %
Yes and yes
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