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Plum Paper Planner for 2019: I’m Nerdily Excited About This

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I’ve been a planner nerd ever since I told one of my coworkers I hated keeping all of my dates in my phone and I wanted a calendar to write on. She introduced me to a world of planners I had no idea about and I have been lost in it ever since. On my path to Planner Peace (finding the perfect planner) I was introduced to Plum Paper. They are a planner company who makes high-quality, custom planners. And the pages? They feel like butter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how large an 8.5×11 planner was and when mine arrived, it was far too heavy to carry around with me everywhere. I used it sparsely through 2017, but it definitely was not Planner Peace for me.

And the pages? They feel like butter. Click To Tweet

Skip ahead to 2019, I decided to get one for me and my boyfriend to help us plan out our activities. It was also to help us keep track of days we’re together, days we’re apart and any big events we have coming up (just wait until I tell you about my plan for Valentine’s Day!). Not to mention that the sensation of feeling butter pages underneath my fingertips called to me once more.

Plum Paper Planner for 2019: I'm Nerdily Excited About This

This is what I went with. It has 6 categories for me, the boyfriend, and all of the nonsense I’m going to get us into in the new year. Can’t wait to see it when it arrives! Check back later for more pictures or possibly an unboxing video. I’ve never done one of those before. They sound fun!

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